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January 22, 2013

Go the Distance.

Sorry it’s taken me awhile to get this post up. You would not believe the weekend I’ve had. Aside from the 5k, we had no water at the house for a day and then the internet was dead.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that on Saturday, I ran the Never Land 5k at Disneyland. And it was my first 5k.

So how did it go? Well, I finished. It was a great course- sort of like reliving 1998-2002 in 3.2 miles. Especially since TheBoy was right there by my side. The course was solely in the Disneyland Resort, and a lot of it was in “backstage” areas.

I’m going to be honest. I didn’t run as much as I’d planned on. I walked quickly through most of the 5k, and complained almost the whole way. First my glutes were killing me, and not being used to running in the cold, it felt like I was breathing ice. Then my side started to hurt. But I pressed on. And it was at the point of the race, near the marker for Mile 2, that I lost it. Not because of the physical pain, but from something else.

The route went right by a patch of sidewalk that meant a lot to me. It was where Jerad and I would sit after our shifts and talk before we’d catch the shuttle back to the parking lot or go our separate ways. We dubbed it “warm concrete” (since it was warm from the sun hitting it all day). And it was a sight (and site) I never thought I’d see again.

Gobsmacked by grief, I started sobbing hysterically. While running. And I just kept telling myself to keep going- and I did.

Just as we passed the Mile 3 marker, I hit a wall (not an actual wall, though I am enough of a klutz I wouldn’t blame you for mentally imagining that I did). Everything hurt, and my body was trying to tell me it had had enough. I forced a smile for the photographers nearby, and stopped as soon as I was past them. And a Cast Member standing along the way smiled at me. “You’re almost there, don’t stop,” she said. “It’s just around the corner, you can do it!”

And you know what? I started running again, and the end was literally just around the corner. I smiled as I crossed the finish line after TheBoy… and the weight just lifted off me.

Because I finished. The scariest part of the whole day was this fear that I wouldn’t finish, that my body wouldn’t let me. But I did. It wasn’t pretty, but I finished.


As we walked out to claim our stuff from bag check, we started talking about the “next race.” Then we went back to the hotel, ordered room service, devoured our breakfast and took a nap until just before checkout.

The odd thing is that even as we got to the car at Disneyland, the 5k already seemed far away. The fact that daylight was erasing the path we’d taken from the parking structure somehow seemed to make it seem longer ago than it was. And with every passing event (breakfast, the nap, the drive home) – it seemed even longer ago.

I’m still a little sore, but I plan on starting to walk every day next week and ease back into running as my body lets me. Then it’s right back into training myself to be able to run those 3.2 miles so that I can focus on time goals, rather than simply finishing it.

Tomorrow: My thoughts on Couch to 5k.

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