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March 20, 2013

Thoughts on TV: Season 7, Time For a Wedding!

In the last couple of months, I’ve gone from the middle of Season 3 of Supernatural to the first quarter of Season 7. I average about 2 episodes each weekday. Somehow it’s worked it’s way into every dream I’ve had for the last two weeks. (Not kidding. Last night I dreamt I was on the writing staff, and was worried I was going to get fired.)

In all those times, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried- I’ve cursed the people who write the show. Generally in the same way I curse the people who write Doctor Who, because they write characters that I care about.

If you don’t watch Supernatural or aren’t up to season 7, I would skip this post. Because from here on out, there are spoilers. (Normally I would put River Song up here, but Misha will do)

misha just fyi

Now. I actually found an episode that upset me so much, that I actually hate it. And I’m not talking about episodes that break my heart (“The Man Who Would Be King” or “Swan Song”). We’re talking about an episode with a premise that actually angered me.

“Season 7, Time For a Wedding” – 7.08.

As much as I applaud the writing on the show, women tend to be the red shirts of the series. Sam’s attracted to a pretty girl? She’s either going to die or be evil (and then die). Meet a kick ass woman? She’s probably going to die just as you really get attached to her. (See Ellen, Jo and Pamela)

Of all the reoccurring characters on the show, only two female characters remain. (Three if you count Meg, but she’s Meg.) Sheriff Jody Mills and Becky Rosen. Becky, while a little crazy, was just an obsessed fangirl. So what did they do?

They brought her back for an episode where they stripped her of that good natured/helpful spirit, and had Becky drug Sam so that she could marry him. It was only because the potion ran out that they hadn’t consummated the marriage. Sam later calls her out on slipping him magic roofies. Why go to all the trouble? Because she was worried she was look pathetic for her high school reunion.

Sure, Becky came around and later helped fix the problem. But the writers handled the character in such a pathetic angsty way that it just killed the episode for me.

The sad part is that the rest of the episode was entertaining. Apparently the brothers have a yearly trip to Vegas. Dean had to team up with a rookie hunter (Garth was hilarious) because Sam and Becky were looking into it. Dean also wore a sport coat with a sweater vest and tie to pose as a reporter- and it was a good look. Throw in a chatty and enterprising crossroads demon, and it’s a good episode. And Crowley (honestly, when isn’t Crowley entertaining- even when you want to punch him, he’s entertaining). And a title card with an exploding cake.

But for me, it was all soured because of how poorly they treated the character. I mean honestly, they made her a would-be rapist. There isn’t any way around it. (And yes, I was just as creeped out by Ted Raimi’s character in 4.08 Wishful Thinking, but at least that was a new character being introduced- so you could just judge him on the one appearance and )

If they were really married to the idea of someone wanting to snag Sam as their reunion arm candy, why not make it some random woman scouring Sin City for a hot guy? Why did it have to be Becky?

I know, it’s a rant, but I needed to get it off my chest.

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