April 5, 2013

WonderCon Anaheim!

This last weekend was WonderCon, and TheBoy (my husband- as in, let’s hear it for TheBoy!) and I headed off to the Anaheim Convention Center for some fun.

Now, I went last year on the Saturday. It was a dreary, rainy day and while the Con floor was pretty empty- there were some amazing panels. So I was pretty excited that I would get another crack at WonderCon.

Unfortunately, there just weren’t a lot of panels that I wanted to go to. (Well, I had wanted to go to the League of Extraordinary Ladies panel, but we got a later start than planned) So we walked the floor. It looked like a lot more people were shopping this year than they had been last year (I think a lot of people were hesitant to buy artwork or comics because of the rain).

We ran into Jesse of POParitaville, Rob (a Disney alum) and I met the humans of my favorite Pink Bunny. And I had a wonderful time.

I bought a wand from Whimsic Alley (to go with the Slytherin uniform I bought at Comikaze last fall). And two more geeky decals for my van – the anti-possession sigil from Supernatural and the Hylian crest from Legend of Zelda.

If they make WonderCon Anaheim its own regular thing (in addition to regular WonderCon), I’d be happy to go again. I just hope that the panels are as great as they were last year.

And I’ll always have to bring TheBoy with me. He makes me much braver than I am on my own. Last year I had about 6 panic attacks wandering around on my own.

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