May 10, 2013

My children are too much like me!

navi the fairyHey! Listen!

Every day, I share weird anecdotes and comments about the kidlets being geeklings. They really do take after me, in that they love video games, Star Wars, comic book characters (though in their animated adventures), and Ninja Turtles!

But they also get just as obsessed about things as I do. (Whitney get obsessed? Riiiiigggghhhhtttt.)

Which means that last night, as the kidlets brushed their teeth, I answered questions about why Ganondorf wanted the Triforce. Or while I was packing their lunch, I was quizzed about where Navi went after Ocarina of Time ended. On the road to school, the Oldest Kidlet asked me whether or not Link being sent back to his original timeline when he first met Zelda actually stopped Ganondorf at all- since they killed Ganondorf in the future… (which by the way, I’ve always wondered- and given their love of Back to the Future, they were bound to actually think about the whole time travel element)

It’s Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 24/7 in this house. And I’m exhausted.

I don’t imagine it will help if they discover the sketches I made of Nabooru or Malon in my sketchbook. Or that I want to cosplay as Sheik or Link (I’m not sure which- leaning towards Sheik).

At any rate, will someone else answer their questions for me? At least until they’ve picked a new obsession? As much as I love Legend of Zelda, I just need a tiny break from Hyrule.

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