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May 21, 2013

I have no idea what to say.

I’m sure that when my mom and my sister see this post, they will laugh for a good few minutes. Because if there is one thing that Whitney Drake is not known for, it’s for being at a loss for words.

But here it is, getting later and later on Tuesday and I just don’t know what I could blog about.

We went to Disneyland without anyone getting sick, so there’s that. We finally rode on Radiator Springs Racers, which was sort of impossible because we never got to the park early enough to manage it (pro-tip: If you want a fastpass or a shorter wait, get there at DCA opening). We had a great time, though the Little Kidlet isn’t exactly keen to try it again.

The funny thing is that I’m at a loss for what to blog today, not because of the vlog, but because I’m so busy writing.

Which is another sort of terrifying. The whole reason I haven’t been able to produce a final draft of anything is that I am such a perfectionist, I keep trying to edit as I go. So this week has been about writing without editing, and just letting it suck.

Because as my sister so aptly told me today on the phone, I can fix it later. But I have to get out all the suckiness so I can fix it. If I stop to tinker, it’ll never be done.