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June 11, 2013

Playing telephone.

Remember Telephone? That ridiculous game where one end of a line would say something like ‘pretty nice day’, and by the time it would get to the other end it would turn into ‘purple monkey dishwasher.’

For the last month of so, I’ve been playing this game with our insurance company. It started when I was getting bills from the company that handled my blood tests, sending statements that said that they were waiting to hear back from my insurance company.

So I called. Read in my identification number, said my birthdate (only for it to ask if I was born in 1918), and in desperation started shouting “Representative.” Aren’t voice systems fun?

And that’s when I found out a month ago, that somehow the insurance through my husband’s work had gotten the idea that we had dual insurance. You know, with the insurance from his previous employer. I talked to a very nice lady, and she corrected all of the claims. All 16 of them.

I got a phone call from my hematologist’s office asking about the issue, and called the insurance company back. The woman put a note in my file that I did NOT have dual coverage.

Yesterday I got a phone call from my gastroenterologist’s office informing me that they were running into the same problem. So I called back. Turns out that second woman? Put a note in my file saying that I DID have dual insurance and would send them the information.

I’m not sure how my I don’t have dual insurance turned into all that.

Hopefully this is all taken care of. I don’t mind calling to straighten it out. The woman at my GI’s office was more than surprised that I called the insurance as soon as I got off the phone with her to help straighten it out (she called me today to see if I’d called, to avoid calling them before I’d straightened it out). Which makes me a little sad. Are people really so lazy that they’d avoid taking care of these things?

Strangely, phone calls to my insurance company doesn’t fall under the category of things that trigger my anxiety. But I’m going to attribute that to calling to verify benefits back when I worked for the Oral Surgeon that was a Scientologist.

But I’m getting away from the point of all of this. How, if you work for a company that records calls for quality whatever, how can you possible manage to enter a note that goes completely against what was discussed?

I’m tired of playing telephone.

Note: Yes, I did work for a Scientologist. Yes, it was as weird as you would think.

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