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August 14, 2013

This is the end.

The End of Summer, that is.

But Whitney, you ask. How could it possibly be the end of summer? Well, the Kidlets start school this week, so… end of summer.

To commemorate it, we got a hotel room down in Anaheim, and spent the weekend there.

It was a relaxed weekend. The Oldest Kidlet (and by extension TheBoy) spent most of Saturday at the pool, while the Little Kidlet spent most of the vacation glued to my side. He’s actually still glued to my side. It seems like every couple hours he’s finding a reason to burrow in under my arm and curl up next to me. Part wolf, or something.

We did go to Disneyland (mostly California Adventure) on Sunday, and spent a good long while at the Wilderness Explorer’s Redwood Challenge Trail. If you have kids 12 and under, I recommend it. They give the kids a map to “earn badges” – there are 6 challenges (running, climbing, going into dark caves) and if you complete it, you scratch off something on the map to reveal the badges. When you get all 6, you get a Wilderness Explorer sticker. Which was more than enough to motivate the kids to try everything- though I had to go in the cave for LK. No weird visions of the Force, it was a little disappointing.

This summer, though. This summer was pretty awesome. The Kidlets learned to swim. I discovered that the Little Kidlet likes to curl up in my bed in the morning, like a little wolf (I have wolves on the brain, so sue me). We played with LEGO, passed a bunch of levels of Angry Birds, and watched The Hobbit together.

I do think I’m going to miss this summer.

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