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October 1, 2013

Seriously? Bad ideas: Clothes edition

It’s not uncommon for someone to show up at the door trying to sell something. The meat guy who wants to unload steaks (I could barely keep a straight face while typing that, sorry). The meal delivery guy or CSA representative looking to sign up people while they’re in the neighborhood.

Or apparently some landscaper looking to use up the rest of the lawn stuff they mixed up for someone else’s yard.

Which is who came to the door yesterday. We had the front door open a crack and the kids informed me that someone was there (our doorbell is broken). So I went over, looked at the guy and glared.

Look of Death glared. Derek Hale School of Brooding Werewolf Glare.

i-love-hot-moms Because he was wearing the shirt on the left.

And while I’m a big fan of novelty tees (I’m wearing my M*A*S*H shirt today, and I do actually own a shirt with 867-5309 on it), there’s a little thing called common sense.

If you’re trying to convince a total stranger to fork over money so you can put crap on their lawn, wouldn’t you try to wear a shirt that might not offend them?

Anyways, Lawn!Guy was sufficiently cowed by my Look of Death and didn’t seem to surprised when I said, “Not interested” and slammed the front door on him.

As soon as I shut the door, the Oldest Kidlet asked why he was wearing a shirt that said “I <3 Hot Moms." So I explained that sometimes hot is a synonym for attractive. Oldest Kidlet paused, then looked up at me. I braced myself for some ridiculous comment. But he just looked thoughtful. "But why would he wear that? Doesn't he know that looks aren't everything?" And just like that, everything was better. Because even though that jerk didn't realize how stupid his clothing choice was- my 7 year old gets it. So I’ve done something right.

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