February 12, 2014

Insurance. Glad I have you, but you are a pain.

I am lucky. A lucky, lucky girl. We have insurance through TheBoy’s work, and it’s a pretty good insurance.

That said, health insurance still manages to make my life difficult.

TheBoy started a new job little over a year ago, and I wouldn’t say that I had any particular health issues around the time of the transition from one insurance to the other. Just the usual doctor’s visits. But I did have to notify my doctors of my new insurance, and there were a couple things that were misbilled. But I spoke with people at my old insurance and my new insurance, and that was that.

At least I thought it was.

In the last year, I’ve had to call my insurance company 5 times because they’ve tried to say that the old insurance was my current primary insurance. Five times. And then it happened last week again. So I called, spoke with a very nice woman about my claims that were pending.

And now I got a bill for my CT scan that says my insurance claim was denied. I’m 99% sure that it was because of last week’s issue. Which means that I get to call whoever handles the billing so that I can try to get them to resubmit the claim.

And likely have more of these issues to deal with in the next month- because obviously, I have a disease that isn’t going anywhere. They know I’m going to be expensive, so if they can’t pay for something, they’re going to find a way to try to get out of it.

I know, I’m extraordinarily lucky that I have insurance. It’s just stressful to have to fight with people to get them to cover what they’re supposed to. And unfortunately with Crohn’s, stress leads to flare-ups.

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