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February 14, 2014

The Obligatory V-Day Post.

It’s Valentine’s Day today, which doesn’t exactly mean much to me. TheBoy and I have never really been about celebrating the day.

Though I did get him a Valentine’s Day present. I bought him this laptop skin because his laptop was naked and he loves Legend of Zelda. I just used Valentine’s Day as a justification. (By the way, the skin is gorgeous, a nice print quality. As skins go, it stretches a little more than the one I’d bought for mine through Gelaskins. So just be careful about the placement. Society6 is a cool vendor though- you can get the designs on any number of things.

It isn’t that I’m against romance, it’s just that forcing it on a day makes there be expectations- which generally just leads to disappointment. When I was working in an office (I won’t say which job, since I worked as an office rat for years), I remember women staring at gorgeous arrangements of flowers that were probably bigger than me if I was sitting with my knees brought up to my chin, complaining. Because it wasn’t their favorite flowers, or because they didn’t think they were getting anything besides the flowers.

Or there were the women who gloated that their arrangement was bigger/more expensive than the other arrangements. TheBoy once sent me tulips when I was having a rough week, and one of the women sort of sneered at the 16 tulips. Until I explained that I like tulips, so he surprised me with them- the she cooed over how sweet it was. Don’t get me started on the looks of incredulity when I’d add an action figure to my desk and explain that he’d found it for me. Or that he’d called me from his job to tell me about a character he saw in my favorite film franchise that they were working on at a couple jobs prior.

Our love is nerdy and personal. I’m sorry if you don’t get it. That’s what I told someone earlier this week when they asked what I was getting TheBoy for Valentine’s Day, and they said that a laptop skin wasn’t very romantic.

To me, flowers and chocolate aren’t romance. They’re fine, but something small and personal? Always means so much more to me.

So if you haven’t gotten your significant other something yet and are scrambling for a gift- Think back to an inside joke from time spent together. A movie or album that means something to the both of you. Or, if all else fails, tie a ribbon around your neck.

No if you’ll excuse me, I need to make sure that we have the precise amount of valentines for each Kidlet’s class.

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