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April 25, 2014

Friday Food – week ending 4/24

I thought I’d try something new and sort of collect the dishes that I make during the week and share them here with links and my thoughts.

First, is a dish that I tried for the first time. Shanghai Noodles.

Shanghai Noodles

This was delicious! I admit, I didn’t make it with pork (I had ground turkey at home), but it was delicious and so very easy to make. I was able to find all the ingredients I didn’t already have in my grocery store- except for fresh shanghai noodles, I subbed in udon (as the recipe recommended). If you can’t find dark soy, it’s easy to find recipes to substitute it online, too.

Since my stay in the hospital, I’ve really dived into making Asian foods, since there isn’t really any dairy in them – and the dishes use a lot of the same core ingredients (so spices and sauces don’t go bad). And it’s fast, which fits quite nicely in my life. So I get fresh food that cooks quickly!

It’s actually the only new recipe I’ve made this week. I could post about the Tikka Masala recipe I use- but all my pictures I’ve taken have been horrific. Why can’t dinner be at a time when I can shoot pictures with natural lighting?

As an apology for my terrible food photography, have this picture of me:

yours truly

At least I can get decent pictures of myself no matter what the lighting is.

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