April 30, 2014

[Vlog] Whitney Watches SPN 9.20 “Bloodlines”

That’s right- last night a new episode of Supernatural aired, and I am bringing you a short vlog about “Bloodlines” – the spin-off pilot for Supernatural: Bloodlines.

For those who don’t click through, I didn’t go into how this episode fits into Season 9, because it doesn’t really. The story begins with one of the leads from Bloodlines, and the Winchesters show up and mostly play backup to the characters. And at the end, Dean gets a message from Cas which takes them out of Chicago and back into the main timeline.

The main character, a human, is going to propose to his girlfriend- only to have her tragically killed when a wounded man stumbles into them and is murdered. The investigation into both deaths leads him to discover that Chicago is filled with monsters. In true Chicago fashion, there are five families that control the city- each a different type of monster. (TheBoy tweeted that this was Supernatural meets the Sopranos) So the human has to team up with the Winchesters and a shapeshifter to unravel who killed his fiance.

It’s an interesting world they’ve set up, and certainly a premise that’ll be interesting. But I wasn’t wowed by the writing. Especially by the way that the werewolf Violet was treated. Supernatural isn’t exactly known for shying away from calling women bitches. Dean does it somewhat regularly, and it’s jarring- but not too bad. In one episode, I can recall Violet being called a bitch three times, and a whore once. Someone will certainly try to say it isn’t as bad because she’s a werewolf, hence it’s a dog term- but I’d say it made it worse since then it becomes a slur as it’s said by shapeshifters.

However, I do like the premise. And I liked the relationship between David (the main shapeshifter) and Violet, as well as the dynamics within David’s family. I just hope that the writing tightens up.

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