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May 12, 2014

What about the kidlets?

I’ve been looking at my recent posts, and it’s all about me and very little about the kidlets. So I thought I’d share some updates.

They’re great. I do have a problem in that I post all of the funny stuff to Twitter as it happens and forget that I have a blog. So maybe I should just save a couple of those anecdotes to post here.

The Little Kidlet is ridiculously geeky (the kidlets both are, but in different ways) and since Captain America: the Winter Soldier has come out, I’ve been treated to a lot of rants from LK wondering why we don’t have a Black Widow movie. “She does everything,” he says.

No, he didn’t see CA:tWS. He probably won’t until it’s out on DVD. But he’s seen all the commercials, and he really loves Black Widow as a character. I bought a Pop! Vinyl Black Widow bobblehead and he touches her head, and talks about how she’s one of the strongest Avengers because she isn’t a super soldier or Asgardian. “She doesn’t need to be those.”

If he was as familiar with DC as he is with Marvel properties, I’m sure he’d be asking why there isn’t a Wonder Woman movie. That’s just who he is.

He’s currently obsessed with all things Pokemon, and I introduced him to the original series.

The Oldest Kidlet isn’t as interested in the Titanic as he once was. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still utterly fascinated by the unsinkable ship and will still tell anyone and everyone the timeline (with dates and times) of that fatal voyage. But most of the time he’s been reading about pirates, or asking me about skyscrapers.

It’s one of the things I love most about him, and that I understand. He has a thirst for knowledge that’s unlike most kids I know- I don’t know many kids who say, “I’ll go see if there’s a documentary about that on YouTube,” after checking it on Netflix first. Just this morning he demanded that I look up what year the Great Pyramid was built, and was astonished that since I love Ancient Egypt that I didn’t know the year. (Admittedly, dates are not my thing, but they are his. He can still tell you the month he was sick and had to miss school in kindergarten– and he’s in second grade now!)

So things are pretty good with these two. We have some ups and downs, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

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