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May 20, 2014

Midnight Escapades

I realize that this title sounds far more glamorous and exciting than the truth. This is a post about kids getting sick in the middle of the night. So, proceed with caution.

My glasses were broken to begin with. I am blind as a bat without them, but have plenty of contacts – so I was coping alright when it came to life without glasses while I waited for my eye doctor appointment. I put the contacts in when I wake up, take them out at bedtime… and use a lot of rewetting drops since I have to wear them the entire day.

A couple week’s back, at 3:30 am, I was woken up by the Oldest Kidlet who calmly informed me that the Little Kidlet was puking everywhere. So I put in my contacts, put on some pants (when it’s hot, I sleep in a t-shirt) and went off to deal with the situation. Cleaned up the traumatized 6 year old, stripped his bed and changed the sheets, handed him a plastic container to puke into if he couldn’t make it to the bathroom and tried to go back to sleep. But I’d been so amped up trying to figure out if I’d have to take him to the ER, I couldn’t sleep. So I tossed and turned- and was a zombie the rest of the day.

One week later, at 1:30 am, I was woken up by the Oldest Kidlet wailing that he was sick. Apparently it was his turn to vomit. And he did. In his bed, on his arm… but unlike his brother, I didn’t think it was a stomach bug. He had a rash on his leg that required some ointment for it, and I had a feeling he’d managed to get some into his mouth. Strangely, possibly poisoning included, I didn’t go into panic mode. Maybe because the Oldest Kidlet was panicking while I was trying to shove contact lenses into my eyes, so I knew I had to be calm.

Stripped his bed, stayed up for a bit to make sure he was going to keep down the water he’d sipped, and handed him the same plastic container I’d given his brother. Same plastic container I use on bad Crohn’s flareup days. But I didn’t get that burst of adrenaline, so when he went to sleep, I was able to get some sleep. And he didn’t puke at all after that, so I figured I was right.

Unfortunately, my contacts didn’t fare so well. Putting them in the case, in the dark, one of them missed the case and dried up.

There is a bit of a happy ending. I now have glasses, so at least – if my kids want to wake me up dramatically in the dead of the night, they don’t have to wait for me to wake up enough to put in contact lenses.

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