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June 11, 2014

What you don’t expect.

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet. The Kidlets’ school year ended shortly after Memorial Day, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make summer vacation work with my work from home job.

It hasn’t exactly been easy. The first couple days were fantastic- the Kidlets made sure that I had a solid 4 hours of work in the morning and then we’d run errands and do stuff in the afternoon. But the Little Kidlet? Well, he’s decided to spend his days like this:


And if he isn’t glued to the Nook or 3DS, he’ll be watching TV in my room – talking the entire time. Once upon a time, this was the kid that the pediatrician wanted to send to a speech therapist because he didn’t say much. And now? Now he will talk about anything and everything.

He mostly asks questions – the kind that kids ask, but don’t always expect answers to. Which is fine, because 90% of his questions are about why characters do what they do. And it’s never the things you know the answers to. “Why did Legolas look at him like that?” And somehow I doubt that “because Orlando Bloom didn’t have a lot of dialogue and needed something to do” is the answer to his question.

It isn’t bad. The company is nice. Yesterday I worked in my bed instead of my desk. It was hard to resist the lure of being near the Little Kidlet all tangled up in our blankets with Zorro at his feet.

Zorro’s our 14 year old cat. He’s practically a puppy, and he’s good when kids grab at him, but he largely stays away from the kids. Or, maybe just the Oldest Kidlet. So imagine my surprise when I saw Zorro asleep at LK’s feet, letting LK aimlessly pet him the wrong way (against the direction his fur grows) using his feet. For almost a half hour.

Errands haven’t been so bad either- my problem is that both kids want to be the “most helpful.” So I get two helpers, I just have to listen to them bicker throughout the store that they’re being more helpful than the other. Boys.

How’s your summer so far? And is our school district the only one getting out this early?

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