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June 23, 2014

Little Kidlet and the Case of Shyness

The Oldest Kidlet is outgoing. Plunk him in a new situation and he’ll make the most of it, and probably come out of it with a friend for life. The Little Kidlet, on the other hand is shy.

He just takes a long time to warm up to people.

This summer, we’re doing our library’s reading club. The kids read books, report on them and get prizes. It’s Oldest Kidlet’s third year, so it’s old hat for him- but it’s the Little Kidlet’s first year doing the bigger kids’ reading group (the little kids have a reading log). And LK was unbearably shy when we went to sign up, though the very cool librarian (who wore Deathly Hallows earrings!) got him to relax.

We went Friday to report on books, and Oldest Kidlet went off with a librarian to talk about his two books on space shuttles. Little Kidlet got one of the teen volunteers, and started to immediately shut down. The girl asked his name, and came back with a smile. “You wanna tell me about the book?”

So he started to flip through, telling her everything with the painfully adorable lisp he has at the moment. And you could just see her melt, and then she started giggling at how earnestly he was in telling her exactly what the books were about- and taking lots of time to tell her how silly things were. He wasn’t flirting- he’s still very much in the “I don’t know what I think about girls” phase. He’s just apparently fond of telling stories if his brother isn’t around to tell them for him.

After he was finished, we found his brother (who, despite being taken first, took much longer to talk about his books- not a surprise) and picked out a couple new books for each of them. Little Kidlet picked a book about a train we hadn’t read before, and I grabbed a book that seemed like it had an entertaining title. The Oldest Kidlet, who has graduated out of the picture book section, wandered through until we found the section with books about the Titanic. He took one, picked out a non-fiction book about trains… and we called it a day.

For those of you who know shy kids, what’s the magic thing that brings them out of their shells? Books, games?

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