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July 31, 2014

Summer 2014: Getaway Weekend

Well, summer has been going, and I’ve been suspiciously quiet. I’ve had a lot going on, some that I can’t really get into – but there have been a lot of amazing things.

Earlier this month, we decided to do a weekend trip near where TheBoy works- which is right off the beach. We’d bought a tent and a wagon (a tent for shade, and an all-terrain wagon to haul stuff) and packed up the kids.

And it was an amazing weekend. We didn’t go watch fireworks by the marina, like we’d thought we were going to do- the kids wanted to go back to our hotel and go to the pool. Which they did! And I got a little time to myself.

We went to the beach, trying out our tent (and our new wagon) for the first time. The Little Kidlet, emboldened by his swim lessons, actually played in the surf as close to TheBoy and Oldest Kidlet as he could get without actually swimming in the ocean. And TheBoy embraced his inner kidlet and swam around with the Oldest Kidlet for a few hours. Meanwhile, I read a book and took a nap in the shade of our tent. In other words, we all had a fantastic time.


We also went to Sunny Blue, an omisubi place in Santa Monica, and I tried a couple types. I tried the Sunny Blue Curry (which is a Japanese curry with chicken) and the Miso Mushroom- both wrapped in nori. Both were good, but the curry was EXCELLENT. Now, the Little Kidlet has a lot of food allergies, but during preschool I used to make plan onigiri/omisubi for him. So we thought he might be adventurous and try a plain one.

Sunny Blue, Santa Monica

Both kids stuck their noses up at the mere thought of trying seaweed, so while we sat in traffic, TheBoy came up with THE FOOD CHALLENGE (challenge). The first kid to try seaweed – didn’t matter if it was that day or two years from now, would get a prize.

The next day the Little Kidlet announced that he wanted to try seaweed. So we went back to Sunny Blue (this time I had the curry and tried the Miso Beef), and he got a plain one with nori. And he started to eat it. No sooner than he started to try it, his very competative older brother decided that he wanted to try some, too. So he took a bite and agreed with what I’d said yesterday- that nori was basically like dry lettuce and sea water. And TheBoy agreed that they both passed the challenge since it was the same meal.

So we went to a local toy store and the Kidlets got their prizes- a couple of Minecraft figures. (Minecraft Steve and a Zombie. But that was the day we were headed home, so we drove back, vacuumed out my van, did the laundry and got back to our normal routine.

One of the perks of this trip was that on the Friday, I dropped TheBoy off at work and got to go for a run along the beach. It was a fantastic workout, and I wish it was an area I could run more often. Nothing like fresh air and a change of venue to get going.

Venice Beach

PS – Happy Birthday, Jerad. I miss you.

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