August 22, 2014

Things Found and Lost: Juice in the Box

I’ve had a lot I’ve wanted to write about, but not quite enough time to really get them right. So instead, I will share a story about one of the weird and frustrating things about parenting, that’s also a product review.

source: juiceinthebox.com
source: juiceinthebox.com
In the middle of the summer, zulily had a back to school sale that included these guys: Juice in the Box. It’s a reusable juice box for kids- and I immediately bought one for each kid, as well as the special ice packs they sell to fit around them. The Oldest Kidlet loves to take lemonade or fruit punch to school, but I couldn’t help but notice how much more you pay to have a convenient juice pouch or box, and there’s the trash factor. The Little Kidlet loves to drink water with his lunch, but can’t open the plastic water bottles on his own.

First, the review. They make a few claims- that they’re shatterproof, water tight, and easy to clean. While I haven’t dropped them yet, I can say that they’re pretty leakproof and they are really easy to clean. Why only pretty leakproof? When I put them together, I can make sure that the seal is tight and that the lid is down all the way. The Little Kidlet won’t always close his completely, so water dribbles into his empty lunch bag. In short, it’s only leakproof if your child closes it. But it works.

My only regret? I only bought one each. And why is that? The Oldest Kidlet didn’t start off the school year using his – I had some leftover lemonade pouches from over the summer, and we just started using it this week.

Only when I opened his lunch last night to put all his coldpacks and such away, and to clean out his plastic containers… it wasn’t there. It wasn’t in his backpack – and it wasn’t in the car. He’s going to look for it today, but I’ve already ordered the (full price) replacement. Considering how distraught he was when he realized it was gone, it’s definitely a winner with him.

He’s doing better- I told him not to blame himself if he can’t find it. It’s the first time he’s had something in three years that was a reusable drink container to bring home, so he isn’t used to it at all.

Where to get one? I’d go with the company who makes them. You can find them on Amazon and on other sites like the Grommet, but the original site’s the only one that has all the accessories (the Ice On The Box reusable ice pack and a replacement kit for the seals and straws) reliably. They retail for $11.99 per 8 oz box, they come in four colors – blue, green, orange and pink. The Ice on the Box retails for $5.99.

Another great resource- ecolunchboxes has stainless steel lunch boxes that’ll suit your kids and yourself – and they also have reusable cutlery, cool lunchbags and napkins. I have their Lunchbox Three-in-One, which was a little too tight to open for the kids – but perfect for me. (Confession, I have a fair number of bento boxes for myself and for LK, since between the two of us, we’re the ones who need to pack food when we go to parties- and it makes remembering to eat easier on me now that the kids are in school) And while I haven’t tried it yet, they just introduced a leakproof line as their answer to plastic containers.

So what’s the moral of the story? If you see something really awesome that’s a great deal for the kids, make sure you buy more than one.

Parents: What’s the record for the fastest your kids have lost something? I’m curious.

Note: This post is NOT compensated in any way whatsoever. It’s just stuff that I like that I think you might like, too.

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