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September 26, 2014

Juice in the Box, another one down.

source: juiceinthebox.com
source: juiceinthebox.com
Today’s story is about the ongoing saga of the Kidlets vs Juice in the Box. As I wrote last time, I’d bought one for each kid – they’re reusable juice boxes that are watertight and “practically indestructible.” Then Oldest Kidlet lost his, and it was the end of the world.

But back to the latest, and note that they say practically indestructible. Little Kidlet had been using his every day – right up until the hinges on the lid broke. Making it so that the straw was never shut off, and would leak everywhere.

We have no idea how it happened- if LK dropped it at school (it’s nearly impossible to drag out a straight story from a 6 year old about what goes on at school) or if somehow it was just a bad box. Or if somehow tugging the top off every day to refill it weakened it until it snapped. I think the how will forever remain a mystery.

I do know that we’d bought it from a sale on zulily (which means a closeout sale), and that the one we’d bought directly from Precidio looked a little different. So it’s possible it was an older design.

But they’re pricey, and I honestly can’t keep buying new ones every time they break – so for now, Little Kidlet’s going back to his regular water bottle. The Oldest Kidlet has sworn he’ll be extraordinarily careful with his, since it might be his last. (That sounds far more ominous than I meant)

Anyone else who reads this blog try this product? In looking through Amazon reviews I’ve heard of it shattering when dropped- but not at a hinge. And if anyone has a great alternative for for a six year old who has a hard time getting lids off of water bottles, that’d be great.

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