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December 31, 2014

Hello 2015.

Last selfie of 2014
Last selfie of 2014
2014 by all accounts was a pretty uneven year. The great things were awesome, the terrible parts were really bad… and there weren’t many things that actually fell in between.

There were a lot of great moments- TheBoy and I went to four different conventions and had a great time at all of them (two were fan conventions for TV shows, and two were comic cons- and I cosplayed at all of them). We went to Vegas and ate extremely well. I met an online friend in person- and we discovered that we really were that much in sync, that it wasn’t just an online thing. We had a great summer, and spent a healthy portion of it at Venice Beach. We did a trip to San Francisco that was a lot of fun! Getting a great job and working with a fantastic group of women.

And then there were the not so great moments. Finding out a friend had stolen a tape and someone linked to them was holding it over our heads for unknown reasons. Being hospitalized at the beginning of the year. A plethora of freakouts linked to social anxiety.

But it was a wonderful year because of the people I’ve come to lean on. I learned that I have a lot more friends than I ever thought, and that they weren’t just “friends” – but the sort of people who track you down when you disappear from the internet, or if you post something odd. And it really does mean so very much.

Now, to the thing you guys are probably curious about. My goals for 2015. Here they are, as I wrote them on the road home last Sunday.


It’s a weird list of things, I know. I want to make my physical health more of a priority, I’ve learned it’s important for maintaining my Crohns- but I can’t just throw myself into training suddenly (that will only aggravate it).

I got a storage unit when my parents moved to Florida, but it was boxes of things that weren’t organized- just thrown together from when my parents were packing. So I really need to go through it, get rid of the stuff I don’t want and make sure the rest is labeled and makes sense. And the house, well, we accumulate a lot of stuff. I want to make sure we’re saving the right stuff.

The passport is something I’ve wanted- I enter contests for trips around the world. It’d be nice if I didn’t have to rush to get a passport so that I could do that. (Plus, I need one to visit my Seester)

I’ve wanted to be the sort of artist who went to art museums to draw and learn, so I want to get back into that. And the uke…. well, I’ve been wanting to sing more. And it’s hard to sing if you have no accompaniment.

What are you wanting to accomplish in 2015?

(The card I wrote my list on is one of 8 cards from Just Jenn Designs’ “curse-ive flat cards”)

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