Whitney Watches: Agent Carter 1.01 & 1.02

It’s been far too long, but I’m back with another vlog – and it’s about Marvel’s Agent Carter – the 7 part television event (that’s a fancy name for mini-series) focusing on Peggy Carter. Last night’s two hour premiere was made up of two episodes, and the above video are my mostly coherent thoughts.

I promise that next week I’ll have it more together- the Whitney Watches videos aren’t recaps, they’re meant more to talk about characterization, possible arcs and all the fun references. But I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness.

If you missed last night’s episodes and didn’t DVR them, ABC will reair both on Saturday night.

The ratings for the premiere are on par for this time of year- but tell your friends, and lets send the message that this is the kind of entertainment we want.

What did you think? I want to hear it.

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