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February 10, 2015

#RunDisney registration! Surprisingly stressful.

I am a veteran of comic cons. While I stopped going to San Diego Comic-Con, I remember registration days. I know how frustrating that is…

And yet, RunDisney registration days terrify me.

Mostly because these days, the races sell out quickly. Today’s registration day for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, and I managed to get us signed up – but this was what it was like.

1. Load the Registration Page a half an hour early so that I can hit refresh right at 9am.
2. Have TheBoy’s last finish time handy, because they ask for proof of time for corral placement.
3. Have credit card handy.
4. Copy my password for Active.
5. Panic over what order to register the races.
6. Right at 9, sign up TheBoy for the half marathon.
7. Sign myself up for the 10k. (We’re at 9:05 now)
8. Sign up Oldest Kidlet for the 5k (9:08 now)
9. Sign up TheBoy for the 5k (9:10)
10. Wait for the email confirmations to come through, pour self a stiff drink (of water. Too early for anything else)

Granted, I realized as I got those email confirmations somehow it put in MY information for TheBoy (even though it has his name in one spot and mine in another), so now I’m already emailing Active about that – but we have a few months to get that straightened out.

For any of you running the Disneyland Half, did you get everything you needed?

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