March 21, 2015

Where did the posts go?

Strangely, writer’s block hasn’t been the issue. On the contrary- I’ve had too many ideas, and somehow the appropriate reaction is to decide not to write anything than make time to write it all and then schedule out the posts.

My brain, it is a weird place.

Also, there were about two weeks where Little Kidlet was sick/really sick/recovering, and that put a stop to getting much more than my day job done. (More on that in another post, because trust me – it’s a long and involved story)

TheBoy and I just got back from Vegas. We went to Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural VegasCon at the Rio – which yeah, it’s expensive. I won’t lie. But I’ll be honest- it’s an amazing opportunity to get to make friends, possibly run across the actors… and to sit in on these pretty amazing panels.

I did convention reports over on Tumblr, but I’ll be posting them here, too. Mark Sheppard and Curtis Armstrong’s panels were especially good.

s9-abaddon-cosplayI entered the costume contest for the first time at VegasCon, going as Season 9 Abaddon. I made it through to the semi-finals, but didn’t make it to the end. I will say that I’m really proud of it, since I feel like I nailed attitude and the way Alaina Huffman played her. (Yes, I am still bitter that she’s dead.)

Some of the pieces I planned on writing will become videos. I have outlines for most of them – and even though spring break is upon us, I’ll be Tim Gunning it. (Making it work)

So how have you been?

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