July 7, 2015

[VIDEO] Whitney Watches: Teen Wolf 5.03 “Dreamcatchers”

tw blog 503 thumbnailThis video covers episode three of this season – “Dreamcatchers”

So if you’re a fan, who has watched the episodes – this series is my critical look at what’s going on. Granted, this episode is mostly recap, but it’s hard to really guess much about a season or talk about character arcs when you only have two episodes to base it on.

Your thoughts on last night’s episode? I didn’t say it in the video, but I’m really sad about how the ep ended. That character was cool.

As I said last week, I’m trying to wear a Teen Wolf related episode – this week, it’s Forever 21’s Superman jacket. Which Kira wore last season. It’s not in stores, but I found mine on Vinted.

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