August 5, 2015

[VIDEO] Whitney Watches: Teen Wolf 5.07 “Strange Frequencies”

tw vlog 507 blog thumbnailThis video covers episode seven of this season – “Strange Frequencies”

So if you’re a fan, who has watched the episodes – this series is my critical look at what’s going on. It’s filled with spoilers, and I assume that you’ve watched the series for this discussion. (If you haven’t watched the episode yet, go watch it, and come back!)

The episode titles have been pretty much on point this season- this one is based in Lydia’s theory that you could disrupt the Dread Doctors using certain frequencies.

My outfit in the video is Lydia’s America Rag top, as seen in ep 3 of this season. Suuuper comfortable. I paired it with a Forever 21 cami and my favorite jeggings. Lydia wore it with her Aqua boots. (And if the lighting wasn’t terrible when I shot it, I have a video about how I did my makeup, as well)

So… your thoughts? Are you eager to find out what Theo’s deal is, or do you just want Parrish to punch him some more?

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