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August 11, 2015

[VIDEO] Teen Wolf 5.08 “Oroboros”

Geek.Pirate.Mom.  Teen Wolf 5.08 OroborosIt’s that time already, time for another edition of Whitney Watches.

For those new to my blog, for this series of video I pick a show and take a critical look at each episode and the series overall. I talk about the events of the episode, things from the past that have paid off, and where I think things will go in the future. Because of it’s a lot to cover, I assume you’ve seen the episode. If you haven’t watched “Oroboros” yet, go watch it! And then come back here.

For my outfit, I’m wearing a lookalike for Kira’s outfit from a couple episodes back. The t-shirt is from Forever 21, and the hooded vest was from a small label I didn’t recognize. But you can find it by searching for denim hooded vest.

Are you as heartbroken by Kira as I am? Do you want to shake some sense into Scott? I want to know your thoughts.

(BTW, any critical statements I make about Scott McCall are about the actions of the character- which some I find OOC, but mostly I find reasonable for a teenager with that much pressure on him. It’s easy to forget they’re still kids, and this season is determined to remind us of that at every turn)

(And yes, if you saw my Twitter convo about the show today, I am going to do a video after the first half of this season airs about the problems I see with it. It just seemed to detract from talking about the story if I picked it all apart)

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