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November 3, 2015

NaBloPoMo #2 – Comikaze 2015

I don’t drink, but I have a hangover.

I’m an introvert, and have a chronic illness – I tend not to overbook my weekends, but sometimes things can’t be helped. In the course of the weekend, we had a 5k, Halloween necessities, and went to a comic convention.

Even the Oldest Kidlet who is most definitely an extrovert was begging for us to cancel any plans we might have for next weekend, so that we could do nothing.

So I have a hangover from being busy, I guess. If that makes any sense.

The Convention we went to was Comikaze – this was our (TheBoy and I) fourth time going, and the first time that the Kidlets have gone. Comikaze, this year was off on the far side of the Convention Center, and unfortunately it didn’t seem as though the staff was very organized. We saw signs pointing in one direction for badges, then were told to go another route. And when we got there, didn’t see any signs at all.

Then, they were out of badges. This year, Comikaze had these spiffy plastic badges with the type of badge listed – multipass for multiday, the day for single day badges. But somehow, they were out of Sunday badges… at the prepaid line.

I can understand running out at the box office – but in the area for prepaid tickets? That makes absolutely no sense, because you should know just how many badges you’ll need. (This is also why I absolutely like the paper badges that go into the holders. As swanky as these looked, when they were out, they were out. You can’t just print more.)

We walked the floor, which looked like a smaller area. There was no center main stage this year on the floor – I didn’t get much of a chance to look at the overall map, but it seemed as though they moved that elsewhere. The aisles were tight, and it looked like they learned from last year and organized artist alley in a much better way.

I still like the Convention Center as a venue. The parking situation isn’t fantastic, but the facilities are clean, and they have an abundance of food options on site. Just not exactly a fan of it being on the side of the Convention Center it was – there wasn’t really room for people to sit and rest without taking up the floor.

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