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November 6, 2015


In post #1 this month, I talked about the kitchen renovation, and how stressful it’s been. And this week was probably some of the craziest, just because of the number of people working on the house at a time.

Yesterday, the cabinet guy came to make some adjustments and put on the last bit of moulding and all the handles. Meanwhile, we had a group of guys in here painting the dining room and living room and putting in flooring there, too.

And as of this afternoon, we have a fully functional kitchen! Our new fridge is loaded up, all the outlets and appliances work. It’s such a relief, to know that I’m going to get back to cooking like normal.

Now comes the real challenge – finding new homes for everything and weeding out the things that should have been thrown out years ago. My brother-in-law’s girlfriend discovered spices that are probably older than Little Kidlet. I found Tupperware that might have been new when I first met the in-laws. Back when they were just my boyfriend’s parents.

But at least things are going to quiet down. And routines can get back to normal – and I won’t have to worry every day about whether or not someone’s going to shut off the power, and kill my internet access (since I’m a telecommuter). I also will be able to reclaim my room as a private spot, and won’t have to worry about the Kidlets constantly being in my personal space.

We’ve discovered one thing already- pulling out the carpet and switching to hardwood floor means that downstairs is much colder than it used to be. I foresee investing in a few hoodies and shrugs to wear in the house, and bringing out my slippers.

It’s bizarre. It was only 6 months, which is actually pretty short for a kitchen renovation.

I’ll put up pictures later – there’s far too much work to do!