December 9, 2015

Facebook’s On This Day. How to Protect Your Sanity.

Yesterday, I blogged about Facebook’s On This Day showing me posts from the day I learned a dear friend died. And I realized, with the amount we share- most of us likely have days that we’d rather not relieve.

Deaths of friends, Anniversaries with Exes. People who turned your life upside down.

Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid what happened to me.

Log in to Facebook on your computer (you can’t do this on your phone, sadly), and from your notifications pick out your On This Day reminder. Just under the banner, you’ll see a settings wheel on a button labeled Preferences.


Click on it, and a window will pop up giving you one of two options.


Yes, you can use this to keep people from showing up, as well as being able to filter out specific dates. Hopefully this information keeps your On This Day a mostly positive space.

Note: If you blocked someone on Facebook, their posts to you will not show up in On This Day. Comments from them, however, will show up.

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