January 7, 2016

Whitney Watches: Teen Wolf 5.11 “The Last Chimera”

tw 511 blog thumbnailWell guys, we’re back in Beacon Hills – for better or for worse. This episode picked up exactly where things left off- with the fall out from the night of the Supermoon.

As I mentioned in the recap I posted earlier this week, a lot happened in the finale. Theo’s evilness was revealed, Scott died (but Melissa brought him back), Hayden died – but Theo brought her and a few other Chimera back from the dead. And we only sort of know what the Dread Doctors are up to.

If you were wondering when the show was ever going to explain how Lydia ended up catatonic and in Eichen House… you’re in luck. If you expected any more answers than that, you might be out of luck.

Watch the video, and tell me… what were your thoughts?

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