January 13, 2016

[VIDEO] Whitney Watches: Teen Wolf 5.12 “Damnatio Memoriae”

tw 512 blog thumbnail Another week, another vlog! I apologize for not getting this up yesterday. As it turns out, my editing skills are a bit rusty, so I missed out on that golden window of when I’m the only person using the internet in the house. Slow upload speeds are a pain, let me tell you. But it’s worse when you’re throttling other people’s homework or Minecraft.

So, Teen Wolf. While I was fairly impressed by last week’s opener (though I did note that their season premiere episodes are always their strongest), I was a little disappointed by this episode. It wasn’t that there weren’t great moments – there were. Well, I’d best let you get to the video so that I just don’t repeat myself.

In this week’s vlog, I explain what Damnatio Memoriae means, the advantages of “show, don’t tell” and the perils of putting too much in one episode. Also, some sage advice from Oscar Hammerstein that will help out any writer.

What were your thoughts on the episode?