January 20, 2016

[Video] Whitney Watches: AGENT CARTER RETURNS!

Peggy’s back! Last night, Agent Carter returned, kicking off Season 2. Just in case you can’t remember where the show left off, Peggy had stopped Russian Black Widow Dottie Underwood from destroying New York City. Howard left (and took Jarvis with him), and Peggy did her best to try to move on.

This season seems to have picked up later in the same year, and with a two hour premiere (with two back to back episodes), they’ve established this season’s villains pretty firmly.

So enjoy this vlog where I fangirl and drop a Hamilton reference.

(Note: apparently I am wrong about the thing that I thought was a callback to Agents of SHIELD. According to interviews, it’s a Doctor Strange tie-in)

What are you thinking about Peggy’s move to Los Angeles?

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