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November 16, 2016

What’s with the political posts?

I’ve been writing a lot about politics, which might seem like I’ve come a far way from where I started – blogging about my family.

But it’s what’s weighing on my mind, largely in part due to the conversations I’ve had with my children. Do I really want this to be the world my children inherent? Do I want to teach them that bullies can steamroll over them? Continue to insist that their voices, that their fears are not as important as white voices?

My children believe in the American Dream. It’s been heartbreaking to watch them realize that our country isn’t as fair as it says on the wrapper. That freedom is given first to those with privilege- both financial and societal.

Judging by the response I’m getting from friends and family, I’m going to keep writing.

I’m not an expert. I’m just a woman who started reading and listening to those who know what they’re talking about (though admittedly I’ve read a LOT). I’m someone with empathy who recognized injustice. I’m someone working through how I feel in the way I process – by writing.

So when I muse about my own decisions about stuff – like my feelings on the Galactic Empire – that’s me working through my own stuff.

The only thing I ask of any of you is that you keep reading, especially if you disagree with my point of view. Because to anyone who complains about people protesting, you need to stop to listen about why people are so upset. Why people are so afraid.

(Actually one more thing – if you’re going to wear a safety pin? Just donate money to a charity that supports marginalized groups – like the Trevor Project, Trans Lifeline, BLM, ALCU, SPLC, or a NoDAPL legal fund. If you’re really determined to wear the pin, just find something in your junk drawer. Don’t buy something off etsy. Passive support like pins isn’t going to cut it. Passive support is what got us here. Time to be active, even if it’s just by financing those who CAN/WILL protest.)