September 18, 2017

Choices and Image Rehabilitation.

Last night on the Emmys, one of the most talked about moments was Sean Spicer coming out with a podium – ala Melissa McCarthy’s performance of him. The crowd at the Emmys was stunned, but it got laughs. And indeed, a lot of people found it funny online.

And heck, James Corden, tried to kiss him on the cheek afterwards.

But I wasn’t laughing. There’s a lot to be said about giving people second chances – but after Spicer left the administration, people were immediately downplaying his role in the White House. He was just the messenger, don’t you feel bad for him?


This is a man who tried to speak up for integrity prior to Trump being elected. I might not have agreed with him, but he had beliefs – and when offered a chance to stand behind the podium, ditched them to become a mouthpiece. He could have quit as soon as he realized he would be lying day in or day out. Instead he lied, hid in bushes (oh excuse me, NEAR bushes).

It’s nice he can make fun of himself. Laugh at the situation – but we shouldn’t be laughing with him, normalizing the misinformation he spewed.

I’m sorry, did you forget that he tried to say Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons? I sure didn’t.

There is a road to image rehabilitation – but it shouldn’t be a metaphorical 5 minutes after stepping down off the public stage, just to increase social media comments about the broadcast.

I wouldn’t have thought that with all the anti-Trump jabs that this would be the audience to embrace “Spicey” so quickly. But then again, Hollywood is quick to forget a white man’s reputation. It’s rare that ill deeds hurt their career for very long. Heck, actors are lining up for Woody Allen’s next movie.

And yes, I fume about that too. There’s so much talent out there, that you don’t need to keep throwing money at abusive men. Yet, it keeps happening.

But back to Spicer. Would that joke have worked in any other way? Sure, if it had been Melissa McCarthy at the podium. It wouldn’t have actually been blessing Spicer with limelight, sending the message that he’s been absolved of his choices and decisions.

Hollywood, be smart. On a night where so many talented people of all races and genders were honored for smart, sharp work… it took away from how far we’ve come. And frankly, was several steps back.

Update 9/19: Jason Isaacs posted this to his Instagram, and well… I love him for it.

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