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May 16, 2019

We Are Not Things

No matter what your personal opinion is, whether or not you would have an abortion or not – you should always support creating a healthy environment for a person debating abortion to make that informed decision.

As states try to legislate away access to abortion or birth control – please stand up for those who deserve the right to make the decision for themselves.

It’s well and fine to say that putting a child up for adoption should be an option – we do not have the infrastructure in the US to do that. Not only that, pregnancy can be an ongoing trauma for someone who was sexually assaulted. NOBODY wants a late term abortion. Those are only used in cases where it’s medically necessary.

But these laws criminalize so many things – with much harsher sentences than other crimes. In some instances, it would be a longer jail time for a teen mother who had an abortion than it would be for the person who raped her.

If this was about life, they wouldn’t be fighting better healthcare coverage tooth and nail, or trying to cut welfare every chance they had. If this was about life, you wouldn’t be able to destroy fertilized embryos. If this was about life, they would be pouring money into foster care systems.

Everyone should be outraged. This isn’t about protecting children or life. It’s about revoking rights and turning people with uteruses into carriers with no legal ramifications to take care for themselves. It’s about keeping the poor where they are and increasing the class divide. This isn’t about life. It’s about power. That’s what this has always been about.

If you want to reduce abortion rates, there are other proven ways to do it. Better sex education, better access to care. Better access to higher education, better wages for jobs. It works in so many other countries, it can’t be a fluke.

Be angry. If you say you care about life? Start with caring about the lives of people who are already on this planet, and protect OUR rights. Not our theoretical children.