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September 10, 2019

Crohns and the last year.

It’s weird to write this at last. I’ve told this story to so many people, in so many edited and abbreviated forms that I felt like I’d told you all what Crohns did to me.

Here’s the short version, and I plan on writing about some of the things in more detail: last year I had a mystery discharge and after 4 months of constant doctors visits and lack of detection on what it might be, I went to the ER just before Halloween, to get a CT scan with contrast before having surgery for what we thought was a hernia.

The CT scan revealed that my Crohns had been running rampant and my small intestine had perforated my uterus and my bladder and the hernia was actually a giant abscess.

So the Local Hospital sent me to Keck Hospital of USC and they promptly started me on a course of drugs to help try to calm the situation so that they could operate.

On Halloween, I underwent my first surgery to drain the abscess and put in an ileostomy – where part of my intestine would poke through my abdomen and empty out into a bag. Giving the rest of my intestine time to heal.

The surgery was a success, I was sent home to recover. I weighed 76 lbs. At the start of 2018 I weighed 98 lbs – which is what I call my skinny healthy weight. Where I’m in okay shape, but not a bunch of muscle tone.  Yes, I’d lost a quarter of my body weight.

I saw a lot of specialists, and we planned for the future surgery. Which would reverse the ileostomy and remove the most damaged portion of my intestine.

In mid January, I had a blockage in my intestine. It hurt, I was sick and I went to the hospital. We cleared it (turns out my abs were doing TOO good of a job healing) and I came home. And a day later it happened again and I had to go back.

We couldn’t wait any longer. I went in for the longer, more involved surgery. They removed 125 cm of my small intestine. I now have a 7″ incision scar that runs from above my belly button down to the top of my pubic hair.

I had to start recovering again. I’m on a new medicine, picked up a lot more specialists, and then I found myself trying to regain… myself.

Thanks to my nutritionist, the weight’s come back on. I lost a lot of hair (normal shedding, and indeed, I have new growth in its place) And 8 weeks ago I was cleared to start going to the gym, where my husband has me on a strength heavy routine.

It’s time to start over, people.

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