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February 23, 2015

I Skipped the Oscars and Patricia Arquette was WRONG.

(I should state that these opinions are my own. They are not a reflection of anyone that I know who works in Hollywood. Wouldn’t want any of you to get flack for my opinions.) I didn’t watch the Oscars this year. And I’m happy I didn’t. I did catch John Legend and Common’s performance. And I did see Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews. But it’s hard to watch a show you just can’t really support anymore. In recent years, I stopped watching fashion coverage. While I liked seeing what people wore- I do love fashion. The coverage was ridiculous- the…

January 7, 2015

Whitney Watches: Agent Carter 1.01 & 1.02

It’s been far too long, but I’m back with another vlog – and it’s about Marvel’s Agent Carter – the 7 part television event (that’s a fancy name for mini-series) focusing on Peggy Carter. Last night’s two hour premiere was made up of two episodes, and the above video are my mostly coherent thoughts. I promise that next week I’ll have it more together- the Whitney Watches videos aren’t recaps, they’re meant more to talk about characterization, possible arcs and all the fun references. But I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness. If you missed last night’s episodes and didn’t DVR…

October 29, 2014

My thoughts on the Upcoming MCU

At a Marvel press event yesterday, they announced the movies of Phase 3. For those not familar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movies are broken up into phases. Iron Man is off on its own, and Phase 1 officially started with Iron Man 2, Thor, Hulk and Captain America. All those movies, timeline-wise happen in and around each other. Phase 1 ends with the Avengers. Phase 2 covers Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Thor 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2. (And Ant-Man. I keep forgetting Ant-Man.) So I figured I’d go from beginning to end. I’ve…

October 15, 2014

His name is WHAT?!

As many of you know, I am kind of a walking Star Wars Encyclopedia. When I got into the Star Wars movies, I really got into the Star Wars universe. Memorized timelines, adjusted timelines when things just didn’t make sense… and for about a decade ran a Star Wars RPG (using West End’s d6 system) with my best friend in college. It was awesome. So when news surfaced that Emperor Palpatine was finally given a first name, I couldn’t wait to see what it was. C, the aforementioned college best friend, was annoyed when she shared the link- but I…

April 29, 2014

JJ, Where Are The Women?

As you’ve probably heard, Star Wars: Episode VII is starting to film, and the main cast list has been announced. And in that list, there’s only one new woman (the other is Carrie Fisher). What gives? Sure, there weren’t a lot of women in the Original Trilogy – the only main female character was Leia. And the only other real female characters of any importance were Aunt Beru and Mon Mothma. (I have a hard time counting Oola since her sole purpose was to dance around and then be eaten by the Rancor) But the Extended Universe happened. And while…

January 15, 2014

Ant-Man, focusing on Lang?

Earlier this week Edgar Wright announced that in the upcoming Ant-Man movie, that Michael Douglas would be playing Hank Pym. Which caused me to pause and wonder. Because they’d already announced that Paul Rudd was playing Ant-Man. Turns out that Rudd is playing Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man. And I’m disappointed. While yes, Hank Pym’s history in Marvel comes with some controversy (he beat his wife Janet, which led to their divorce)… there is no way to tell Hank Pym’s origin that doesn’t include Janet Van Dyne. Who is The Wasp. They were two of the founding members of the…

November 22, 2013

Should there be tie-ins for The Hunger Games?

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be watching Day of the Doctor. I’m going to try to clear my schedule and watch it in my room, with plenty of water and tissues. Just so I’m prepared. I think that when The Hunger Games came out, I wrote a post about how weird it was to hear questions from the media that completely ignored the message of the movie. Most of the questions were about trying to suggest there was an actual love triangle, when let’s face it, any of the romantic sub-plot stuff is minimal at best. While I applaud the social media…

September 27, 2013

Vlog 16: DC and Marvel feelings, I have them.

It’s the Vlog! I think I’m going to have to start updating the Vlog on Fridays- I’m too busy doing my parental duties, volunteering in the Little Kidlet’s class. I was asked on Tumblr (I wish I could remember who suggested it, sorry) about my thoughts on DC and Marvel (both movies and comics) so I managed to streamline my thoughts into this… If you happen to have any suggestions for videos, let me know! I am always looking for vlog ideas.

July 25, 2013

Vlog #10: Q&A Time

A couple weeks ago I asked for some questions so I could put together a Q&A vid, and there was no disappointment there! This week’s question came from my Facebook Page, where Stephen Mitchell asked: “With everyone clamoring for Hollywood to make original movies, why does an original concept such as ‘Sucker Punch’ get so much flak?” While I answered the general question about Hollywood, I did already tackle my thoughts on Sucker Punch as a movie- you can read them here. If you have any questions that you want me to answer in future Q&A videos, you can leave…

February 19, 2013

The Billboard Sees All!

I suppose I should explain the title of the post. Everyday I drive past a bus stop with ad space on the shelter. If there’s a movie being advertised, without fail, the movie advertised will be a flop. Don’t believe me? Here’s the list of movies from the last couple years. Red Riding Hood In Time Abduction Due Date GI Joe Battleship Typically, the movie is either not very good or will underperform. Now, across the street? That one gets all the good movies- it had The Hobbit, Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers… The billboard sees all. They put up a new…