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January 29, 2016

Review: Disney’s The Finest Hours

Today, The Finest Hours opens in theaters. Based on the true story of a Coast Guard rescue, the film stars Chris Pine, Casey Affleck and Eric Bana. Chris Pine plays Bernie Webber, a Coast Guard captain who does everything by regulations. His faith in his duty is tested when his CO (played by a very restrained Bana) sends him on a rescue mission that everyone believe to be a death warrant The mission is to rescue the remaining crew of the Pendleton, after the tanker is torn in two by a dangerous nor’easter. The crew fights to keep the themselves…

October 9, 2015

Review: Hen & Chick

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of Hen & Chick, Episodes 1-5 to review, but all thoughts are my own. Hen & Chick, by Tristan J Tarwater, is a sword & sorcery serial about a daughter and her mother. Azria is 16 and a mage in training who quickly finds herself the mage aboard The Hen & Chick, her mother’s ship. Learning the ropes and finding herself on the beginning of an epic adventure. Tarwater is great at world building, Hen & Chick is no different. Unlike some fantasy books that spend more time on geneologies and history than moving…

September 26, 2014

Juice in the Box, another one down.

Today’s story is about the ongoing saga of the Kidlets vs Juice in the Box. As I wrote last time, I’d bought one for each kid – they’re reusable juice boxes that are watertight and “practically indestructible.” Then Oldest Kidlet lost his, and it was the end of the world. But back to the latest, and note that they say practically indestructible. Little Kidlet had been using his every day – right up until the hinges on the lid broke. Making it so that the straw was never shut off, and would leak everywhere. We have no idea how it…

August 22, 2014

Things Found and Lost: Juice in the Box

I’ve had a lot I’ve wanted to write about, but not quite enough time to really get them right. So instead, I will share a story about one of the weird and frustrating things about parenting, that’s also a product review. In the middle of the summer, zulily had a back to school sale that included these guys: Juice in the Box. It’s a reusable juice box for kids- and I immediately bought one for each kid, as well as the special ice packs they sell to fit around them. The Oldest Kidlet loves to take lemonade or fruit punch…

July 23, 2013

Review: Beef’d Up

First of all, apologies to anyone outside of LA. But we went to a new restaurant in Whittier, and I had to share. Because it’s new, the food was great and I want this place to succeed. Beef’d Up is a gourmet burger restaurant located in Whittier at the intersection of Beverly Blvd and Norwalk Blvd. There are probably 10 total tables in the place, both indoors and two benches outside. The idea behind it is that they use all fresh ingredients and natural/humanely raised beef. Their sauces are all made in-house. Their menu is pretty basic. They have a…

June 6, 2013

[Vlog] Tech on the Go!

It’s Vlog #6 – And this time I’m talking about what I use to stay connected on the go! (Because really, I’m mildly addicted to my phone and spend a lot of time away from outlets) These are the two items I mention: HyperJuice Micro – made by HyperShop, ChargeCard – These are my own personal reviews. I bought these items on my own, put them through the ringer in my real life… they get the actual Geek Pirate Mom seal of approval. No compensation here. Just me sharing stuff that I liked.

January 4, 2013

App Review: Flickr

Since last month’s Instagram debacle, I decided to review alternative apps. My requirements? There had to be versions for both iPhone and Android. (While my requirement is that it has to be available on both of the main platforms, these reviews are for Android only, since I don’t have access to an iOS device) I already reviewed EyeEm, a new social platform based out of Berlin for adults. I’ve continued using it- I like the filters and ease of use… though it does attach a location if you have GPS on, and that’s a little annoying. Next up, the mainstay…

December 20, 2012

App Review: EyeEm

If you’ve read my post about Instagram and their new Terms of Service, I updated it. Just so you don’t have to click to another page, this is the latest: Instagram blogged about the backlash, admitting they weren’t very clear in the way they wrote it (actually, they said that we just misinterpreted it because legal jargon is so tough). Ads will be coming to Instagram, but they won’t be selling your photos to be used in ads. And they’ve already removed the verbage that made it seem as though they were going to use your pictures and name in…

November 26, 2012

New pants. And dinner out.

Last night, on the eve of TheBoy’s first day at his new job (which means, yes, today’s his first day), we went out to celebrate. And to shop. You see, I’ve been after TheBoy to buy a new pair of pants for the last few months. For the most part, we don’t buy new clothes unless we need them (admittedly, I confuse need and want when it comes to boots). Earlier in the year, I bought a couple new pair of jeans because mine were stretched out. And it was time for him to do the same. Not only had…

September 13, 2012

[Review] The Colibri

This review is for a product that I was given in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts included are all mine! I don’t do many reviews (certainly not sponsored ones), and when this one came into my inbox, I thought for awhile about whether or not I should say yes. How often does a girl get the chance to review a toy of, ahem, an adult nature? (It’s at this point I should probably suggest that my family just skip this post, though really, I’m not going to be graphic.) Obviously, my curiosity got the better of me… I…