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May 11, 2010

Spin it, Facebook Exec!

Just a couple days ago, I posted my thoughts on the latest Facebook changes. While I tackled the privacy issues first and foremost, there are other concerns. All my interest information is public- and there’s no way to opt out of that, other than to delete it entirely. Not only that, Facebook adjusted how my personal data is used with advertising as well as how it can interact with other sites. Rather than give the opportunity to set those controls manually, Facebook assume that I’d want to join their new program and let my friends share all my information with…

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May 10, 2010

The gay double-standard?

Update: I’ve written a follow-up post to this, but it’s worth reading this one, before moving on to the next. Newsweek has a pretty strange piece that was posted last week about why gays can’t play straight characters. Straight actors do it all the time, and typically to much acclaim, but somehow gay actors fail. The author’s words, not mine. He claims that Sean Hayes (most known for his protrayal of Jack on “Will & Grace”, and who recently came out as gay) isn’t believable in the Broadway revival of “Promises, Promises” because we all know he’s gay. Another target…

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May 9, 2010

Dear Dad, Sorry I introduced you to Facebook

Dear Dad, I’m sorry I introduced you to Facebook. No, I don’t mean it like that! While I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about family members who overshare, post embarrasing photos, you’ve been wonderful. Honestly, it isn’t you at all. It’s Facebook. When I recommended that you join Facebook, it was because it was the top ranked social network. True, they did have a history of changing interfaces, but those are easy to get used to. True, they did say that anything you uploaded on Facebook would be their property for all time- but a lot of people complained, and…

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May 7, 2010

Crib Recalls

Once upon a time, I wanted to start a blog called The Wired Mom. Both because I’m constantly wired on caffeine and well, plugged in to gadgets. Since this blog has been more or less successful for me, I think I’ll add it as a regular feature here. Today is a very serious post for those with kids- Crib Recalls. There have been a rash of crib recalls, focusing mostly on drop-side cribs. They started with some of the low end manufacturers, where the tracks and mechanisms failed- allowing the bottom of the side to pop out, which caused some…

Erin Andrews performing on Dancing with the Stars

Elisabeth Hasselbeck criticized Erin Andrews: victim shaming at its finest.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck criticized Erin Andrews on the View for her skimpy costumes. Without having seen this season of Dancing with the Stars (or reading the full quote), it is an unfair statement based on what I know about the costuming. The costumes designs are a collaboration by the professional dancers and costumers, with little input from the “stars.” Then, I read the story. She didn’t just criticize Erin’s attire, she framed it by saying:

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May 2, 2010

The most difficult thing I’ve had to write: Arizona

I’ve been working on this post for the better part of this last week. Started it, scrapped it, and continued to feel compelled to write it- even though I know I couldn’t detach myself from it the way that I knew I should when discussing a subject this controversial. This probably isn’t my best writing. I am sure that there are grammatical errors and typos. But I’ve written this, and I’ve put it out there, and I can move on with my writing. -W I love Arizona. I was born there, and while I love California, I feel such a…

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May 1, 2010

The Happy Daughter Cheesecake project

I love cheesecake. As a kid, when my mom brought home the frozen cheesecake from Trader Joe’s, I knew I was ready for something special. When I was first dating TheBoy, I knew we were meant to be when I discovered that he made cheesecakes from scratch. It was a sign. I’ve made a few cheesecakes over the years, including a pumpkin bourbon cheesecake the Thanksgiving right before my oldest son was born. That was a great cheesecake, which I personally ate a quarter of after it was decided that the teaspoon of bourbon the recipe called for must have…

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February 28, 2010

Ina Garten’s Mac & Cheese

Ina Garten’s Mac & Cheese has been in my bookmarks for almost a year now, after I saw her make it on an episode of Barefoot Contessa. Not too long ago, a dear friend wondered if I had a good recipe of macaroni & cheese, and I remembered this. So when we had a wonderfully rainy and dreary day, I decided it was time to give this a go. Mac and Cheese Source: Barefoot Contessa

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August 11, 2009

Julie and Julia – Bruschetta Recipe with Pan Fried Crostini

After seeing Julie & Julia- I prepared the first meal that we see Julie Powell make (pre-Project, for those wondering). Bruschetta with a pan-fried crostini. It’s a very simple recipe (I made it in practically no time at all- even after I accidentally burnt the first batch of bread.¬† So don’t walk away from the pan.) Bruschetta ala Julie and Julia from The Hungry Novelist Ingredients For the crostini: French bread (the wider loaf, not a thin baguette- though if you’re doing a party, those are great, too) Olive oil One clove of garlic For the bruschetta: Tomatoes (good quality)…