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October 25, 2015

Update: Teen.Com’s Fanfic Shaming Post – Does Editing Fix it?

Update: Teen has taken down the blog post entirely (I’m glad I have these screencaps), my thoughts at the end of this post Yesterday’s post was spread by a fair number of people on the internet, and that makes me happy. It wasn’t just spread by fanfic writers, but by people who understood that bullying is wrong. On Twitter, I said I was convinced that while did do an about face and edit the title, they changed more than that. And I was right! I wonder if Ms. Daluisio edited herself.

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October 24, 2015

Internet Shaming/Bullying: Slash Fic and Teen.Com

Update 1: The post on referenced in this has been edited. I’ve written a post to reflect these changes, which includes screencaps of the original post. Update 2: has taken down the Teen Wolf post entirely Hi all, We appreciate your feedback, have taken down the Teen Wolf fanfiction post & are handling it internally. Thank you, Teen — Teen (@teen) October 26, 2015 It’s not uncommon for websites to try to drive up clicks, shares and comments by publishing a post being critical over something. Knowing it will enrage a group of people. Whether it’s women, geeks, or particular sports…

March 23, 2015

Comedy or Public Shaming: Fan Fic Theatre

Earlier this week, I saw a post going around Tumblr talking about Chris Gore’s upcoming panel at WonderCon – in which a group of comedians would read fanfic. And fic writers were terrified. And it’s tricky. Because I don’t blame the people who were outraged, even though the bulk of them aren’t attending WonderCon. As fanfic and fanart become more mainstream, fan creations have been used to try to paint fandom as something weird. An uncomfortable example (and the most public one) was when Caitlin Moran was moderating a Sherlock panel and had the cast read fanfic. No matter how…

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January 16, 2012

Thank you, teenage fanfic writers. I learned a lot from you.

On Saturday, I admitted that I used to write fanfiction, and there were other things I’d wanted to include in the post but didn’t have the space. This is one of them. Writing is writing, no matter where you start. Things posted by a teenager just embarking on their writing career will usually be riddled with spelling errors, unrealistic characters, and have no understanding about what an adult life actually is. If the teenage author happens to write RPF (real-person fiction, a subset of fan fiction involving the actors themselves), somehow there will be many pregnancies that occur. You get…

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January 14, 2012

Confession: I used to write fanfiction.

If you’ve hung around the internet long enough, you’ve probably heard about fanfiction. Where writers take an existing work (book, comic, movie, television show) and write stories about it. Sometimes of an adult nature. Sometimes smashing together “fandoms” (the distinct properties) and coming up with something new. Yes, I wrote fanfiction. You can shake your head all you like- just stop if your brain starts to rattle around. After Pirates of the Caribbean came out, I had an idea for a spinoff adventure and started writing it. In doing so, I got involved in fandom and learned a lot about…