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October 16, 2012

Accidentally Link – A Tale of Haircolor.

Right before my 32nd birthday, I cut off several inches of hair and had it dyed teal. It was liberating in so many ways. All eyes were on me, so I had to just be me. There was nowhere to hide. Because dear readers, I can’t speak for other shades, but blue-green is really high maintenance. I had to switch to washing my hair with cold water, using a shampoo with dye mixed in to help refresh the color, and do regular touch ups. And as much as I love it, this has been an exhausting year for reasons I…

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June 30, 2012

Happy Accidents

Since I went teal in January, I’ve had a lot to learn about vivid color. Since it fades really quickly, I could go in to the salon for toner refreshes every couple weeks, or I could fuss with the color at home. (Sorry E—-, I’d go broke trying to keep it up at the salon all the time!) My hair had faded to this really neat blondish pale blue color. My mom described it as an icy tone. But it wasn’t my turquoise. My stylist had explained that I could cut the dark blue color that you see in my…