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November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

And a Happy Birthday to the Oldest Kidlet, who has amused us all with the ways he’s responded to Happy Birthday. When I said it to him, he was still in bed, playing the new Legend of Zelda game on his 3DS. He looked at me, somewhat sleepily. “Happy Birthday to you,” he said. “Babe, that’s not how that works. It’s just your birthday.” “Oh, right.” Then when my mom said it about 15 minutes later, he said, “Oh yeah.” And 10 minutes after that when my dad said it, Oldest Kidlet looked up and said, “Why did you kiss…

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October 29, 2013

Everyone Hail to to the Pumpkin Song

(I’m 90% sure I’ve already used ‘This is Halloween’ as a post title) I really don’t have much to say, other than I’m in the midst of a lot of things. With Halloween on Thursday, I’ve got character parades to prepare for and a class Halloween Party to supervise. I love the way that the elementary school handles the costume parade. In order to walk in it, the students have to bring a book that relates to their costume- they mention going to the public library or school library if they can’t find a book. Two years back, the Oldest…

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October 1, 2013

Seriously? Bad ideas: Clothes edition

It’s not uncommon for someone to show up at the door trying to sell something. The meat guy who wants to unload steaks (I could barely keep a straight face while typing that, sorry). The meal delivery guy or CSA representative looking to sign up people while they’re in the neighborhood. Or apparently some landscaper looking to use up the rest of the lawn stuff they mixed up for someone else’s yard. Which is who came to the door yesterday. We had the front door open a crack and the kids informed me that someone was there (our doorbell is…

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September 10, 2013

Tuesdays, man.

I know that the Hitchhiker’s Guide quote is about not being able to get the hang of Thursdays, but Tuesdays are killer around here. This morning, TheBoy and I got into a fight. He’s my soulmate, but occasionally, he can be an asshole. On occasion, I can be an dick. It’s a fact. (I’m sure my mom is livid I’m swearing, but it’s true) Not really related to the argument, but his car wouldn’t start so he was home for a bit of the morning. Also, the fight ended and we’ve moved beyond it, so that’s all you get about…

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August 14, 2013

This is the end.

The End of Summer, that is. But Whitney, you ask. How could it possibly be the end of summer? Well, the Kidlets start school this week, so… end of summer. To commemorate it, we got a hotel room down in Anaheim, and spent the weekend there. It was a relaxed weekend. The Oldest Kidlet (and by extension TheBoy) spent most of Saturday at the pool, while the Little Kidlet spent most of the vacation glued to my side. He’s actually still glued to my side. It seems like every couple hours he’s finding a reason to burrow in under my…

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May 28, 2013


Memorial Day always seems to be the first weekend of summer, even though the Oldest Kidlet still has a couple weeks left of his school year. And ours was packed. There was a graduation party for Brother-in-law’s girlfriend. TheBoy and I went to a Dodgers game. And yesterday, the boys went across the street and ran through the sprinklers with a neighbor. While I was talking with my neighbor, we started to talk about how kids don’t play the way you used to. (Yes, I know, I was talking with someone. I’m proud of me, too) And it’s true. When…

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May 17, 2013

When plans fall apart.

Being a mother has become a lesson in flexibility. When I was younger, plans were plans. If they fell through, I would sulk. And now? Well, to me life is like the tide, things come and go and the shoreline of my life constantly changes. No, really. It sounds like one of those insane motivational posters, but it’s true. I’ve had to anticipate and handle anything that gets thrown my way. Last weekend, we decided to take the Kidlets to Disneyland, and headed out. The Little Kidlet wasn’t very enthused (which was odd), but it was a million degrees outside…

May 10, 2013

My children are too much like me!

Hey! Listen! Every day, I share weird anecdotes and comments about the kidlets being geeklings. They really do take after me, in that they love video games, Star Wars, comic book characters (though in their animated adventures), and Ninja Turtles! But they also get just as obsessed about things as I do. (Whitney get obsessed? Riiiiigggghhhhtttt.) Which means that last night, as the kidlets brushed their teeth, I answered questions about why Ganondorf wanted the Triforce. Or while I was packing their lunch, I was quizzed about where Navi went after Ocarina of Time ended. On the road to school,…

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May 3, 2013

Halloween costumes, Assemble.

I know. You’re thinking (especially if you watched yesterday’s Vlog) that I’ve lost my mind. Shortly after Halloween, the Little Kidlet and the Oldest Kidlet announced that this year they wanted to go as Boba Fett (LK) and a Stormtrooper (OK). Considering it’s my year to make costumes, I was already looking forward to the challenge of using craft foam to sculpt some armor for them. But I prepared myself for them to inevitably pick something else. On Wednesday, I was in the middle of putting makeup on when the Little Kidlet burst into my room. “Iron Man, Mommy! For…

April 24, 2013

Why, Ocarina of Time?

Ocarina of Time is probably one of my favorite video games, ever. There’s a great playability and a nice replay value. There are lots of little sidequests, and over a decade on, I’m still finding ways to improve. The reason I bought a 3DS was because I wanted the revamped version of Ocarina of Time. With the kidlets easing into video games, I knew it was a matter of time before they showed an interest in it. The game is harder than either of them were really ready for, so most of the temples/levels were completed with me doing most…