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June 17, 2018

Chris Hardwick: Why We Need to Talk About Sexual Coercion

The big story of the week is the piece that Chloe Dykstra quietly posted on Medium, where she talked about her former long-term relationship with a podcaster turned CEO, who had been older and he’d been emotionally abusive. The internet has been trying to pigeon hole this discussion into categories, and I’m here to tell you that discussions about abuse are not easy to define. Every story is unique, and should be treated that way (even if you’re talking about the same abuser). But people want to fit things into nice neat categories, so you see people try to dismiss…

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November 20, 2014

Always Listen. The Allegations Against Bill Cosby

I’ve been putting together my Avengers Half Marathon Weekend Recap, but my computer’s been acting up. Correction: Zorro knocked a drink across my laptop and borked the keyboard and trackpad. I can boot it and get information off… so after Thanksgiving, I’ll be taking that over to the genius bar so that they can try to salvage my baby. When I told TheBoy about it, his first response was “And Zorro’s still alive?” But I realized that before I share some pictures and talk about last weekend, I should address a much more serious issue. The rape allegations against Bill…

June 4, 2011

Man Down

With the internet abuzz over Rihanna’s music video for “Man Down” I thought that I’d check it out and see if it really is suggesting that rape victims kill their attackers. As I expected, it wasn’t. I’ll say right away that in order to come to that conclusion, critics had to have read a summary of the video/song without actually watching it or listening to the song. The video begins with Rihanna shooting a man in a train station before the song begins. As the song plays, it cuts between the day before and after the shooting. Rihanna’s happy and…