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July 10, 2014

Misunderstood Kaiju.

In all the years we’ve had Thomas the Tank Engine tracks in our house, there’s been a constant: TheBoy will kick over bridges as he walks over. I’m not sure what it is, but he just can’t seem to get his foot up those last couple inches to clear it. We groan, fix the track. But after Pacific Rim came out, the Kidlets became well versed in Kaiju. The next time that TheBoy knocked over a bridge, one of them shouted, “Kaiju!” And it became the new thing. Last night, TheBoy knocked over a bridge after he’d every so carefully…

September 12, 2013

Vlog Madness! DL Half Marathon and 9/11 Healing vs Holding On

Wow guys, I realize now that I didn’t post last week’s vlog vid here, so you get two vids on one page. First, TheBoy and I did the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend over Labor Day weekend (he did the Half Marathon, I did the 5k) and so I vlogged about it! Yesterday was 9/11 and I’ve written a lot about it, but had a couple things to say. (Just in case you weren’t in the mood for me to gloss over my feelings, the first minute is actually about TheBoy. So watch it and then stop) If you have ANYTHING…

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September 10, 2013

Tuesdays, man.

I know that the Hitchhiker’s Guide quote is about not being able to get the hang of Thursdays, but Tuesdays are killer around here. This morning, TheBoy and I got into a fight. He’s my soulmate, but occasionally, he can be an asshole. On occasion, I can be an dick. It’s a fact. (I’m sure my mom is livid I’m swearing, but it’s true) Not really related to the argument, but his car wouldn’t start so he was home for a bit of the morning. Also, the fight ended and we’ve moved beyond it, so that’s all you get about…

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March 11, 2013

Doing the Time Warp.

Over the weekend, TheBoy and I snuck out for dinner. We went to the same restaurant we had our first date (well, it was a chain, so a different location- but same restaurant). And for whatever reason, half the songs they were playing were from the late 90s. Practically the soundtrack for when we were first dating. And as much as we were mocking the waitstaff for their terrible taste in music, it was great. In some way, it made a simple night out feel like one of those early dates. Of course, it might have been the margarita I…

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February 14, 2013

Valentines Day and Being Loki.

I was going to write about why I don’t really like Valentine’s Day (and the only Valentine’s Day that mattered to me) – but I did that two years ago. (Go read it, really!) What I do like is that it’s an excuse for me to make dinner for TheBoy. In years past, I’ve done steaks, risotto… this year I’m making turkey tikka masala w/ naan. YUM. However, the story I have to share today has nothing to do with V-Day. It has to do with The Avengers. Now, of TheBoy and I, I am the comic book geek. Though…

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December 17, 2012

After Midnight.

This weekend, I did the unthinkable. I had a weekend filled with events. And for an introvert, that’s major. On Saturday afternoon, we went out to my brother-in-law’s housewarming party. The kidlets played with some other children and I actually talked to people instead of hiding behind my phone. It’s shocking, I know. Even more shockingly, after we dropped the kidlets at home, we went to another party. This one was at the house of someone that TheBoy works with, who apparently throws amazing themed Christmas parties each year. This year’s theme was Japanese, and there was a great spread…

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November 26, 2012

New pants. And dinner out.

Last night, on the eve of TheBoy’s first day at his new job (which means, yes, today’s his first day), we went out to celebrate. And to shop. You see, I’ve been after TheBoy to buy a new pair of pants for the last few months. For the most part, we don’t buy new clothes unless we need them (admittedly, I confuse need and want when it comes to boots). Earlier in the year, I bought a couple new pair of jeans because mine were stretched out. And it was time for him to do the same. Not only had…

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September 28, 2012

Thanks For Not Being Rachel McAdams

I’d been so good about posting daily, and then this week I dropped the ball. Only, it wasn’t quite my fault. Well, it sort of was. My body hates me. For those new here: In January I was diagnosed with either Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis – it was too early to tell which one. So every so often I have flare-ups that send me to bed with ridiculously bad cramps. This was one of those days. Wednesday started off well. I went for a run (more on that another time), go the kids to school and then in the afternoon-…

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July 24, 2012

8 years!

Today’s my anniversary. 8 years ago, I was lucky enough to be marrying a man I loved deeply then, but even more-so now. We had a lovely ceremony at a building that’s no longer accessible. I would talk about it more, but it’s not available as a venue anymore, since it was bought by Scientologists (I am not making that up). The building was an art deco affair in Santa Ana, with an old elevator, as well as a theater. We used the theater for both the wedding and the reception. Chairs were set up for the wedding, and after…

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July 26, 2011

Anniversaries and Such

Sunday was my anniversary. Seven years ago, I married a wonderful man. It still seems like yesterday. Since our trip to Las Vegas (more on that soon, I promise) was for our anniversary, we weren’t really going to go out to dinner or anything big. Instead, we decided to take the kidlets to the beach- something that the Oldest Kidlet has been asking to do more of the summer. Living in Southern California, we’ve taken the boys to the beach every summer since the Little Kidlet could walk. The first year we took the boys to the beach, the Oldest…