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picture of zorro the cat
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March 9, 2020

Goodbye Zorro

Friday night, we said Goodbye to Zorro. For those who didn’t know – Zorro was our nearly 20 year old cat. That’s right. He was just a few months shy of 20.

picture of zorro
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September 16, 2014

Zorro: a trip to the vet and corn in cat food.

In our very full house, we have a cat named Zorro. He’s our cat, not the in-laws. In fact, he’s 14, and adopted TheBoy and I one day. Aside from the brief reign of terror when we moved into this house, he’s mellow but vocal. (That’s when he made the decision to become Alpha Cat. So much spraying.) Over last weekend (not the one that just ended, but the one before), he was puking. A lot. I took away his food in order to see if it helped. That’s when I noticed he was just… off. Not really talking, just…

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August 26, 2010

Thursday already?

I just bought the oldest a backpack. He now thinks that school starts tomorrow. Guess I’ll be making a calendar shortly, so that we can count down to the first day (13 days)! I also bought a catbed and some litter so that soon we can reintroduce our cat Zorro. When the youngest was diagnosed with allergies, he went to live with Jerad (my best friend). Now that the youngest is fine around cats, I can’t wait to bring him home- even though it means I’ll be head butted at night. I am still obsessed with all things Scott Pilgrim.…