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November 22, 2010

Monday Madness!

I’m still battling my cold, but getting better! I went out to take the Oldest Kidlet* to school (driven by TheBoy) and stopped at the grocery store to get ingredients for our Thanksgiving cheesecake. I managed to forget heavy cream, so I’ll just have the in-laws pick that up for me. The highlight of my day, though, was seeing a classmate of my son and saying hi. She pointed me out to her mom and said that she knows I’m a pirate (it’s the boots)- this would be the sixth kid other than my own who believes that I’m a pirate.

I really should make a pseudonyms for the boys other than Oldest and Littlest. What would happen if I had a third kid? And no, there is no third in the works right now. Purely theoretical, I can assure you.

I was not one of the people camped out on the ‘net waiting to get tickets for San Diego Comic-Con, only to have their registration site crash again. That might shock many of you, since I try to get people to go each year. But SDCC tends to fall on the weekend of my wedding anniversary, and while it does give TheBoy and I an excuse to get out of town- we’ve fallen in love with our trips to Vegas. We had a couple of rough years on the Con floor when I was pregnant (with each of the boys), and a great trip overall where I wasn’t- but we were stuck on the floor for a good 20 minutes because of a ‘Chuck’ signing. Which might not sound like that big of a deal, but I’m pretty tiny, and when packed into a small area with a lot of people… I went into panic attack territory.

While I love the panels, and dressing in costume… I really love lazy days in Vegas with fine dining, massages and dips in the pool. Also, I admit that the two failed days for SDCC registration makes me a little wary. Not because it means there’ll be a lot of people there (that’s a given), but because those behind SDCC knows what sort of demand they get and even with weeks after the first failure weren’t able to plan accordingly. It does not bode well for the convention itself, in my opinion.

So we’ll be skipping this year as well and heading off to Vegas. There’s usually a food event at the Venetian/Palazzo when we go, and this year I’m dying to actually attend instead of looking on from the other side of the ropes.

For those who are sad that I didn’t come up with a costume… I’ll find another reason to whip one up, I’m sure.

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