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August 27, 2010

Friday Fiction: Procrastination

Yes, this is a post apologizing for a lack of content. At least it’s better than last week when I forgot it was Friday entirely.

This week’s been a blur. The youngest has decided that he’s going to start acting like a two year old, so much of my time has been keeping the boys from killing each other. My brain’s been buzzing just trying to get the day to day stuff done that any time I’ve sat down, I haven’t been able to think of anything else. (Some of this is extremely personal family stuff that I can’t really get into, sorry)

Number of times I fell asleep in bed with my laptop open: 2

On the bright side, I finally found my DVD of The Mummy Returns. So now I can watch the movies and reiterate that Alexandria is not an Evey clone. Not in the least!

Next week, I’ll start outlining my character process and include a throwaway piece- what I dub the scenes I write and have no intention of including in a project. Usually they’re just to help me establish how characters relate.

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